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Why jobseekers should use a recruiter

Why jobseekers should use a recruiter

By Kelly Armstrong

If you are job hunting or have recently been made redundant, you will most likely be thinking about how to land your next great role. This can be a stressful time, bringing up questions about your career path, financial security and the state of the job market in your sector. Many job seekers who choose the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach will spend hours trawling through job sites, applying for jobs online and cold calling employers to follow up.

There is a better way!  Switched on professionals know to use an industry specialist recruiter to assist them in their hunt for their ideal role. Here’s why:

  • Local knowledge
    A specialist recruiter keeps their finger on the pulse of their industry and maintains close relationships with employers and industry peers. They instantly know when vacancies become available and can recommend you for appropriate roles straight away.  
  • Put yourself ahead of the pack
    Your application will have far more impact when presented by a consultant that has a good working relationship with the client than received cold without any personal introduction. A recruitment consultant knows what their client is looking for and how best to tailor your application to match it (if you are right for the role of course).
  • Salary negotiation
    As experienced salary and package negotiators, a good recruiter and will act on your behalf to get the best deal possible commensurate with your skills, experience and industry rates.
  • A perfect fit
    A great recruiter has a multitude of techniques and skills at their disposal and will use these to actively match you up with the right employer and role. It is in their best interests to find you a job that fits in with your career plans, suits your lifestyle, matches your skills and is a good cultural fit.
  • Guidance and counselling
    A consultant will offer helpful guidance on how to approach your interviews, will give constructive post interview feedback and can provide invaluable background information about the client that you won’t find out from their website. 
  • Speed
    There is no higher priority for a recruiter than responding quickly to a client’s request for quality permanent or temporary staff. Having a consultant work on your behalf can speed up the process of ‘do it yourself’ job hunting and let you concentrate on the rest of your life.

So put your best foot forward for your next job role by using the talents of a good recruitment consultant who specialises in your industry.