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‘No D**kheads’ policy for team management and retention

‘No D**kheads’ policy for team management and retention

Regardless of what field you are in, without quality people your business won’t dance to the right tune. Whilst efforts toward talent retention vary massively from business to business, most employers agree that a great employee is hard to find and even harder to keep. So what’s the best way to keep your staff on board, engaged and productive for the long haul?

Reputed for their excellent staff retention, we spent a few minutes with Rob Mitchell, Director at Adelaide’s leading NRAS property investment company Building Assets, to find out how they manage their team and approach employee happiness.

What are some strategies you use to keep your employees motivated, ambitious and happy?

We hire right in the first place! We use the ‘No D**kheads’ policy, the famous mantra adopted by the Sydney Swans and have applied it as a selection and team management tool for our own workplace. We put great emphasis on hiring people who will be a good cultural fit for our organisation and can abide by our ethos. We also use psychometric testing on all our potential staff members.

Aspects of the 'No d**kheads' Policy include:

  • No timewasters
  • No finger pointing
  • Everyone shares the load

We also work hard on creating a nice working environment here. We strive to make it a safe, flexible and welcoming workplace – a place where people want to come to work!

How does staff retention factor into your business?
The relationships we build with our clients are essential to our business, so staff retention is an essential component of achieving our success.

What’s your approach to the health and wellbeing of your staff?
All of our team are encouraged to participate in healthy activities such as the Corporate Cup which we participate in annually and we also give our staff the flexibility to get to the gym.  On a day to day level we encourage everyone to take a lunch break, go for a walk, get away from their desk and get some fresh air.

What kind of work life balance/flexible work arrangements do you employ?
There are two things that we provide: all staff have KPI’s to work towards and are provided with flexible working arrangements. We’re more task orientated rather than time orientated here. Some of our team are working mums who work part time school hours e.g. 8.30am – 3pm. Staff can also log on remotely if they need to connect from home.

Is there anything in your experience that you’ve discovered doesn’t work?

As we’ve evolved I’ve noticed Gen X’s and Gen Y’s approach their work in different ways. I find these two groups respond better if managed and motivated accordingly. 

The ‘no d**kheads’ policy has not only proven to be a premiership winner in the sporting arena, it has a place in the corporate sector as a proven technique to build and retain great teams.

…and from the recruitment expert

Gary Beesley, Director at Edge Recruitment says ‘Businesses that have good brand awareness can become an employer of choice in their industry sector because people gain a sense of pride and security when working for a reputed and well-known employer. Also, businesses that offer training and mentorship are more likely to have loyal and engaged employees. In addition, if you can offer employees; respect, transparency, consistency and fairness, you’ve gone a long way to attaining excellent rates of staff retention.’

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