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How to get a job in 4 hours flat!

How to get a job in 4 hours flat!

Mary-Jane Massicci shares her insights on how to emulate our candidate's recent super swift placement.

As a recruiter, there are times when I interview a candidate who I think would be perfectly suited to a role I have on our books at the time. This is my favourite part of the job. The ability to match up a candidate’s needs and wants with the needs and wants of a client is exciting. However, not often does the interview to job placement process happen all in one afternoon!

I recently interviewed a switched on candidate with a great attitude who had solid experience, great skills and I thought would be a perfect match for a one of my clients. This was at about 12pm on a Monday. I called the client in mind straight away and managed to arrange an interview that very afternoon. The interview went swimmingly, references were checked (as suspected they were excellent) and the client offered her the role by 4pm that day.

Here are my tips on how to emulate our candidate’s swift placement:

  • Be switched on and enthusiastic
    Bring a positive and engaged attitude to your interviews and other communications with your recruiter. People who display enthusiasm for what they do are easier to place and contribute positively to their workplace environment.
  • Be honest
    Having an honest and frank discussion about your life situation, job expectations and longer term plans will enable your recruiter to place you in the most suitable role possible. Hold back or be unclear about what you want and you may end up with something unsuitable. 
  • Stability
    When making job choices throughout your career, it’s important to be mindful of stability. Having a stable work history shows that you are a secure choice, is an indicator of loyalty and it may be the reason you are chosen over another candidate with similar experience and skills.
  • References are essential
    An impressive candidate is one that makes access to their referees easy. Provide multiple points of contact for each referee and call each one in advance to let them know they may be contacted. This will help your recruiter to finalise this step more quickly. Remember, even if you are the best candidate we’ve ever seen, we cannot recommend you to clients until your references have been checked!

Here’s what our candidate had to say:

“I had a meeting with Mary-Jane from Edge Recruitment at 12 noon on the Monday, to discuss possible employment opportunities. Within 20 minutes of talking with Mary-Jane, she was making a call to arrange a job interview then and there. I went for the interview that afternoon and by 4pm I had the job and was starting in 2 weeks.

The expertise that Mary-Jane and her team displayed was amazing. To be able to perfectly fit a prospective candidate with an employer is not an easy task to do. I was able to discuss my needs as a working mum and what my expectations of possible employment opportunities may be comfortably. Mary-Jane and her team are an amazingly helpful and professional group of people and I would highly recommend anybody looking to employ or anybody looking for employment opportunities to give them a call.’

Many Thanks
Lenai McGowan, Finance Assistant - Harcourts Brock Williams