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The 100% Happy Candidate

The 100% Happy Candidate

What’s the secret to being a happy candidate? In my opinion, it’s being 100% proactive in your job application. Typically, candidates that show tenacity and enthusiasm by putting in some thought and research to their end goal are rewarded for their efforts and have a greatly improved chance of attaining their goal.

I was impressed recently, when a candidate communicated her preference for the type of company she wanted to work for, right from our first meeting. This demonstrated that she had visualised her ideal workplace before contacting me.

She was put forward for a commercial property role and was offered a second interview by the client.  This was nothing unusual; however during that second interview our client was so impressed that they offered her the role on the spot! This was quite a rare occurrence and it was a first for our client too.  

Most often candidates come to me with a good idea of the role they want, but not the type of business they wish to work for.

My candidate’s top job priorities:

  1. Working for a small, family-run business that conducted ethical business practices.  Feeling good about the way the business conducted itself was important to her.
  2. A positive working environment and company culture.
  3. Priorities 1 and 2 were far more important to her than the salary on offer.  

So why was my candidate so successful in in attaining her goals? Her thorough approach to the application enabled me to match her with an employer that I knew would be an excellent cultural fit and matched her requested preferences.  Our candidate’s happiness is not just about matching their skills and experience to a job description.

In addition, she understood that a job application required effort on her part. Nothing was too hard for her to follow up. For example, she was keen to research any potential employers that requested an interview and was happy to follow up any documents or references I needed straight away. She knew what she wanted, was proactive and had the confidence to follow through.  

I would encourage all candidates to take their usual approach to job applications one step further and visualise the type of company they wish to work for, before applying.  Doing so will provide a far better chance of reaching that goal and improved job satisfaction once in the role.