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How to be a model temp

How to be a model temp

The next time you call us to book a temp or seeking temp work, you will no doubt speak with our fabulous new temp team manager Rebecca Neale. Rebecca comes to us with a strong background in the real estate industry, has solid client management skills and is renowned for her professionalism and friendly demeanour. She will not only manage our existing temp team, but will also be in charge of client enquiries and bookings for temps and contractors.

As a former contractor herself, Rebecca understands what it takes to be a stand out temp and how to stay front of mind with your recruiter.

Here are Rebecca’s top tips for being a stand out temp:

  • Be flexible
    Flexibility is the most useful trait a temp can possess. Temps that can work in a variety of roles and are available at relatively short notice are the easiest to place in temp jobs and will therefore get more work - it’s that simple.
  • Show eagerness to work
    Having a positive attitude and being open to a wide range of temp assignments not only broadens your experience, but also makes you more appealing to work with. 
  • Be reliable
    Temps that are punctual and have a good track record of finishing their assignments are highly valued.
  • Possess a broad skill set
    Temps that can offer a diverse set of skills are very useful as they can be placed in a variety of temp assignments. In particular, temps with knowledge of property industry programs such as REST and Multi Array tend to get lots of temp work.
  • Be presentable and professional
    When you walk into a temp assignment, you not only represent yourself, you represent Edge Recruitment. So paying attention to your grooming and presentation and conducting yourself in a professional and courteous manner is important.
  • Maintain confidentiality
    You are expected to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of information coming in to your possession or gathered from assignment to assignment. Discretion is the trait of a great temp!

‘Temping offers fantastic career benefits such as the opportunity to broaden your skill set and gain valuable industry contacts. You get to explore different aspects of the property industry in a short space of time that may take years if you were in permanent roles’ says Rebecca.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of our temp team or are an existing temp and want to touch base with Rebecca, contact her on 8232 2220 or email

Know anyone who would like to join our temp team? Refer a friend and be rewarded with 2 movie tickets when that friend gets successfully placed.