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API membership not just for valuers

API membership not just for valuers

It only takes a short time talking with Brooke Parish to tell she is passionate about the valuation industry and the space she works in. Brooke kindly took time out of her busy schedule to tell us about her work with the API, what makes a successful valuer and how property professionals outside of the valuation sector can benefit from a membership with the API.

Coming into her second term as President of the API (SA), it’s clear her peers and industry colleagues regard her as a high calibre professional and Institute advocate. As well as juggling the duties of her API presidency, Brooke is a Senior Valuer with Australian Valuation Solutions.

Tell us about your role as API President

It’s a privilege to serve as API President and to be recognised as a leader by my industry peers. The API is currently undergoing a lot of change which I think will be really positive for the Institute and valuation industry.

There is a lot that goes on in the background however my main focus is member services and fostering the relevance of the API to the members, industry and the community. As President, my role is a consultative one as well as being a figurehead for the Institute. I enthusiastically engage with our members to listen to their needs, concerns, expectations and vision for the API moving into the future. I’m also a conduit for information from the national group, representing our Division’s point of view and interests on the national API platform.

The time commitment is up and down and I have to be flexible with that. Some weeks I need to put in two hours and other weeks it’s ten hours - it's time consuming when you already have full-time employment, but very rewarding.

I endeavour to attend the majority of our events and seminars so I’m visible to the membership group. The SA API Division also includes the NT Group and fortunately my job takes me to Darwin regularly, hence many of the NT members know me on a professional and a personal level.

What do you enjoy most about being a valuer?

I really enjoy being out and about meeting people and I love being outside of the office. My career has taken me all across the country from Darwin to Canberra and rural South Australia. 

As well as requiring academic qualifications, it’s a job that requires a complex skillset including excellent social and networking finesse, the ability to gather information and good research skills.

Whilst I work long hours, I enjoy the flexibility of being able to tailor my lifestyle around my work and vice versa. I work intensively when I’m busy and can take it easy at other times. The flexibility that the valuation sector has to offer is particularly appealing to women.

How can property professionals outside of the valuation sector benefit from a membership with the API?

Whilst being most synonymous with the valuation sector, it’s less widely known that API membership is beneficial for development professionals, fund managers, asset managers, property managers and more. Furthermore, the API offers a range of certifications to members with suitable expertise such as Certified Property Manager, Certified Funds Manager, Certified Development Practitioner, Certified Property Practitioner and more. Certified members also get to use post nominals.

As well as being a part of a leading Association in the property industry, members benefit from a structured CPD program offering fantastic professional development and great networking opportunities. 

API members are highly regarded and respected in the property industry. The API has set and maintained the benchmark for professional practice standards, codes of conduct and ethics, and provides members with essential tools and information.

In your opinion, what qualities are required to be a successful valuer?

It’s important for valuers to conduct themselves in a professional manner, remembering the integral role that they perform and the responsibilities that are associated with their actions and comments. A substantial component of the role involves human contact, so good interpersonal skills are really important.  A good valuer should be measured and controlled in their approach, must be analytical, have excellent networking ability and great market knowledge.

A valuer also needs to have a good understanding of the broader economic picture and all sectors of the property industry, as property markets are volatile to domestic and global impacts such as employment, interest rates, GDP and population growth etc.

I think success in this industry also means having broad experience and being able to identify and embrace opportunity when it comes along, whether this is a locational change or exploring a different aspect of the sector.  

For further information about API memberships and certifications, visit the API SA website or give them a call on (08) 8132 0092.  

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