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My first job - Rob Mitchell

My first job - Rob Mitchell

In our series about first jobs, we speak with some of the personalities that have helped make the South Australian property industry what it is today. In part two of our series, Rob Mitchell, Managing Director of Ouwens Casserly Projects shares some funny anecdotes about his first job as a telemarketer.

Tell us about your first job?

My first real job out of university was telemarketing at Kearns Auctions at Richmond. It was a business development role with the aim of bringing in cars to the auction house - It was not a sexy job!

What did you learn from the role?

As a commission only role with no retainer I didn’t get paid unless I made a sale, so I learnt how to close deals - a valuable skill that I have used throughout my career.

What did you like about the role?

I enjoyed the buzz of auction day and it was exciting when cars sold for more than I expected.

Anything you didn’t like about the role?

I didn’t like Mondays - knowing I had 500 phone calls to make that week and that 480 of them would probably be a ‘no’. This was back in the days of no internet, so the entire database was on paper and all of the cars were sourced from the Advertiser newspaper. 

Any funny anecdotes you’d like to share?

I remember the plethora of lies people would try on me! One guy presented a car to me stating that it was in perfect working order. He explained the reason for the sale was due to his sister moving overseas and not needing it anymore. I looked down at his boots which were splattered with red paint, fresh from a respray….dodgy! This sort of thing happened all the time.