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5 team activities to try in Adelaide

5 team activities to try in Adelaide

Team building activities aim to foster teamwork, build relationships between colleagues, improve communication, create a climate of togetherness in the workplace and may even mend disgruntlement. Before booking your activity, put some thought into what would be suitable for your particular workplace - not everyone drinks alcohol, is able to do high octane sporting activities or is comfortable performing in front of a group! Choosing a suitable activity that everyone can participate in will produce the best results.

Here are some activities and ideas to unite your team that you can try in Adelaide.

Adventure room
Adelaide's first real-life escape room experience. The idea and challenge of the activity is to enter the rooms and try to escape within the time frame. The rooms contain hidden and mysterious objects. The game allows for up to 14 players per room and can operate in a singular or duel format, meaning you can enter as a team or compete against each other, cat-and-mouse style.
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Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours 
For a team bonding experience with a difference, learn about South Australia’s dark history on a Haunted Horizons Ghost Tour. They provide fascinating group tours in unique locations throughout South Australia including: Z Ward - Glenside Campus, Adelaide Arcade, National Railway Museum, Burra and Old Tailem Town. Our team experienced the Z Ward tour on the 6th August. Regardless of our individual beliefs in ghosts, it was fascinating to hear the stories about family tragedy, murder and crime and it gave our team a memorable and creepy experience to share.
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Socially responsible team building activity
Participation in a charitable fundraiser provides a sense of team unity and achievement. It’s also a great way to make a difference in the community. There are some great charitable challenges and events in Adelaide that your team can get involved in, such as:

Team strategy day
Including the whole team in a strategy and planning day is an effective way to get everyone involved in how the business runs. The structure of a planning day could include:

  • Workshop key business issues
  • Each department gets to share the wins and achievements of the past year
  • Brainstorming and team building exercises
  • Goal setting and planning for the year ahead

Morning Tea Bake-Off
Bake-offs are more like a competition rather than a team building exercise, and may ignite rivalry amongst team members who take it too seriously. However, when conducted in the right way can be a great way to get the whole team involved and is a fun way to share morning tea with a twist. Two or more people elect to bring in the same designated bake made at home and the rest of the team participates in a blind vote for the best bake. Popular sweets such as carrot and banana cakes work well, however gluten free cakes and sugar free treats will ensure all of the team can enjoy it. The winner receives the honour of winning or a prize can be provided as an incentive.

You might think an expensive and time consuming activity will achieve the best results, but don’t discount the simple things; they too can be powerful and leave a lasting feeling of connectedness. These can include shared lunches and morning teas to celebrate new business, meeting KPI’s, exceeding budgets, birthdays and milestones.

What team activities have worked well in your workplace?

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