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Internal recruits not always best fit

Internal recruits not always best fit

Using internal staff to fill a role can be a great way to grow loyalty, inject new motivation and provide a new challenge. We find most managers have an inherent desire to do the best thing by their existing staff by providing them with opportunities to progress their careers in-house. However, hiring from within will not always provide businesses with the best possible fit for the role.  

Before offering contracts to existing staff, consider these helpful hints:  

Influx of fresh ideas
New people bring fresh ideas, new energy and may provide innovative observations for your business. Whilst the right fit for the role may be someone from within your organisation, hiring externally will help keep your company culture fresh.  

Cost benefit
Whilst it’s often a less expensive option to hire from within, the longer term costs associated with recruiting someone who is a wrong fit for a role are far more expensive. A ‘wrong fit’ hire has the potential to be a disaster for any organisation.

Don’t make assumptions
If someone is great at their job, moving them into a higher level role doesn’t mean they will automatically be great at that too. This could be due to a lack of experience, training gaps, cultural fit or it simply doesn’t suit their personality.  

Avoid clones
People who have worked together for a long time tend to align behaviours and working habits. Hiring from outside can help your business to avoid becoming stale and keep new ideas coming in.  

A culture of entitlement
If you create a culture of promoting or hiring from within, employees may feel that they are entitled or will expect any future positions to be offered to them, even if they are not the best match or don’t have the aptitude for the role. Employees should not feel entitled to a role solely because they have invested time working there.  

‘To run and grow a successful business you need the best possible people on your team and this means exploring the whole market place’ says Gary Beesly, Director at Edge Recruitment.  

If you do plan on hiring from within, ask yourself the following questions;

  • Does that person match the criteria for the job?
  • Do they have the relevant skills, experience, training and personality required to succeed in the role?
  • Do they require any training?
  • What affect will the internal hire have on your business as a whole?