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What happens when I apply for jobs from my work email?

What happens when I apply for jobs from my work email?

It is not uncommon for us to receive job applications from work email addresses. Whilst this doesn’t prevent applications from being processed, it can cast a negative light on your attitude to employment in general. So unless your employer knows your looking or your contract is coming to an end, here’s why we discourage you from applying for jobs this way.

It shows a lack of respect
As past behaviour tends to be an excellent predictor of future behaviour, showing this complete lack of respect to your current employer suggests you may be disrespectful to any future employers.

It makes you look unprofessional
Using work time to search for another job makes you look unprofessional. Even if you’re applying for jobs on your lunch break or after hours, it’s still not a good look. The recipient of your application doesn’t know when you take your breaks and may assume you’re sending the application during work hours.

It makes you look lazy
Employers have access to their employees' email records, so if they happen to come across it, it’s not only disappointing, it makes you look sloppy. It may also affect your chances of receiving a positive reference when you leave. 

We encourage all job seekers to avoid sending applications from current workplace email accounts. It leaves a really poor impression and it’s not worth burning bridges with current employers and damaging your chances of getting future jobs. There are many free email accounts you can use for your job applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud Mail etc. and we highly recommend you do this outside of work hours.