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Top Tips to Soothe Your Interview Nerves

Top Tips to Soothe Your Interview Nerves

Interviews can be life changing events, which is why many job seekers experience anxiety and nervousness. Some people can use the extra adrenal rush to their advantage, whilst others let the nerves overtake and come across as skittish and distracted during the interview. To help boost your confidence and soothe your pre-interview nerves, each of our consultants have provided their top tips.  


Research, Research, Research

Start by researching the company you’re hoping to be a part of. Visit their website and familiarise yourself with their clients, their company values and any recent work. Reach out to your networks and contacts for information about the business. Do you know anyone who has worked there or knows anything about the reputation of the business?

Secondly, research the person you are meeting. If possible, find out about their work history, length of time at the business etc. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start for this sort of information.  

lastly, research the role you are applying for. Do you know what the role entails on a day to day basis? Have you researched what salaries are appropriate pursuant to years of experience in the role? You can find our more about salaries in the property by visiting our Salary Portal.


Be early
Running late for an interview can be very stressful and all that preparation you’ve invested can be wasted if you arrive frazzled and rushed. This doesn’t mean you should present yourself at reception half an hour early which may inconvenience your interviewer. Simply give yourself enough time to allow for possible delays that may arise and any other unforeseen circumstances. Arriving early also provides you with a mental buffer to ensure you arrive as calm and relaxed as possible.


Try positive affirmations
Many of my successful clients and candidates swear by positive affirmations. They can reduce stress, calm the mind and help you focus on the present moment. I recommend that you repeat some positive affirmations about yourself prior to your next job interview. This might feel strange if you’ve have never tried this before, but it really helps to boost your confidence.  

Nothing reduces your nervousness before an interview like preparation. In our experience, winging it rarely gets you the job. So, before your next job interview, our advice is to prepare, prepare, prepare to put yourself in a positive frame of mind for this important task.