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What Ignites Motivation In Your Team?

What Ignites Motivation In Your Team?

Employers that solve this riddle, hold the key to unlocking hidden potential, increased loyalty, improved productivity and lower turnover rates within their team. Business owners and managers agree that keeping staff motivated requires continuing attention and effort. Not only does each member of the workplace have unique motivating factors, they also have unique life circumstances, which change throughout the course of their careers.

So, to create a highly-motivated workforce, it is essential employers understand what ignites motivation in each unique personality within their team.

Here are some of the top factors that drive people to perform:

Responsibility and ownership
The freedom to make decisions without being micro-managed or having to get approval gives employees a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence in their work.

Employees are very motivated if they can tangibly see career advancement ahead. Employers that create career development opportunities demonstrate their commitment to the careers of their team.

Feeling valued and appreciated
An employee that feels valued is more likely to show loyalty, work harder and stick with an employer during tough times.

Putting trust in employees to manage their deadlines or their workload, their own way, can be very empowering and inspire motivation, loyalty and innovation. Providing flexible work arrangements can also assist employers to attract and hold on to top talent. Flexibility may be the reason an employee chooses to stay, despite the lure of higher wages elsewhere.

Salary and benefits
Pay is of course, a highly motivating factor for employees. People need to feel their pay is fair compensation for their skills, experience, qualifications and performance as well as being appropriate for their industry sector. Many employees will put in more effort for the opportunity of greater pay and bonuses.  

When asked her opinion on this topic, Jane Carey, Director of Edge Recruitment says ‘Giving staff credit for the work they do weighs far above all other factors. There are many different ways to show your appreciation, such as giving praise in front of colleagues, giving a gift of champagne or flowers or simply saying thank you. It seems so simple, but is often something employers forget to do.’

Most people are motivated by a mixture of the above factors, but understanding which ones are integral to each individual is essential to getting the best out of your team.