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Most in demand Property Jobs in 2018

Most in demand Property Jobs in 2018

Jane Carey, CEO at Edge Recruitment shares which skills and industry sectors are most in demand this year (within the areas Edge Recruitment service). If you’re looking at changing roles in the second half of this year, for a bit of fun we’ve added a ‘hot’ rating to highlight where the best opportunities are. Keep in mind our rating takes into account the volume of job openings together with volume of candidates in the market vying for those jobs.   

Most in demand property jobs 2018 JPGResidential Property Management – Rating: Scorching Hot!

In the past year, the residential market experienced a chronic shortage of residential property managers, which shows no signs of changing in the second half of 2018. However, with minimum training requirements for the property management license introduced earlier this year (and a deadline of September 2019 to obtain a licence), it will be interesting to see the impact this has on the residential job market going forward. This makes residential property management the number 1 hottest industry sector currently with multiple job opportunities in a wide range of locations.

Commercial Property Management – Rating: Hot!

Demand for commercial and agency property management staff has remained strong this year making it one of the hottest jobs that we recruit for. We’ve found it particularly challenging to source degree qualified professionals with up to 2 years' experience. If you have experience in commercial property management, it is likely you won’t be wanting for job opportunities for the remainder of 2018.  

Leasing – Rating: Toasty Warm

Leasing executives for both office and retail sectors are always in demand and this hasn’t changed in the past 12 months. This can be attributed to the small pool of experienced operatives working in this sector locally together with a challenging retail market added to the mix. This high demand mixed with a small number of experienced candidates on offer makes leasing skills hot, but it's rating is downgraded to toasty warm as there are not quite as many job opportunities as residential property management. However, there will continue to be excellent jobs on offer for experienced leasing professionals in 2018.

Retail Property Management and Development– Rating: Luke warm

Both retail property management and the development sector have remained steady in the past year, showing some movement but it has generally been quieter in this area of the market. We expect to see this continue for the rest of 2018.

Facilities Management – Rating: Cool

In contrast, facilities managers have been in slight oversupply, partly due to candidates coming from overseas on the 457 state sponsored visa. These overseas candidates typically possess fantastic skills and experience, but some have found it hard at times to break into the local market. If you’re looking for a job in facilities management in 2018, be prepared that you may have increased competition. However, local experience will boost your appeal to employers.

We're seeing some positive signs across many sectors of the property industry going into the 2018/2019 financial year, including the broader news of the $35 billion Future Frigates contract win for BAE last week – an exciting outcome for the state that will have an impact across many industry sectors.

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