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3 In Demand Jobs In Property Right Now

3 In Demand Jobs In Property Right Now

With client demand outweighing candidate supply, quality candidates will be in the power seat in 2019 when it comes to comes to job hunting in these three areas of the property industry. We explore the key reasons for the trend and suggest how job seekers can take advantage. 

Jane Carey, CEO at Edge Recruitment says Job seekers with key skills and experience in any of the roles mentioned below are going to be in demand! Exploit the opportunity by ensuring that your resume highlights the key skills that are hard to source and make sure you include the achievements related to your past roles including demonstrated practical examples to back this up. 

Lease Administrators 

Lease administratorLease administrators who can manage the administrative process of putting together commercial and retail leases are hard to find in the Adelaide market. A major contributor to this low supply is the lack of companies who have property departments in Adelaide, as most commonly they are based in the eastern states. 

For example, a large retailer such as Hudson Coffee may have multiple sites in SA, but the property management and lease administration are run from Sydney or Melbourne.  In Adelaide, lease administration is most likely to be handled by commercial or retail property managers and often they will be aided by administrator staff or a property assistant. 

We are more likely to be able to recruit commercial property management assistants with some leasing experience in their skill set. These factors make pure lease administrators hard to find locally and in turn causes people with these skills to be in high demand. 

Residential Property Manager 

Property managerThe residential real estate industry has experienced a consistent shortage of quality, experienced property managers in the last few years leaving many agency owners struggling to maintain and grow their rent rolls. 

Until recently, property managers salaries have been relatively low comparative to roles with similar levels of responsibility in other industries. The door on this disparity has mostly corrected now, however the perception that property managers may receive lower pay is taking some time to dissipate and is one of the reasons for a shortage of quality applicants in this area.  

Smaller agencies often lack the time and resources needed to train up inexperienced staff, meaning they need to hire experienced people who are ready to hit the ground running. This creates a plug early in the career pipeline for property managers, making it hard for inexperienced people to progress and is another contributing factor to the high demand/low supply issue.  

With registration coming on line in September, this is likely to exacerbate the problem and make entry to the industry harder, for a short time.  Having said this, we believe that introducing licensing is a good move to continue to raise the level of professionalism in this sector. Those who are licenced will also be hot property to employers in 2019.  

Contract Administrators

Contracts administratorWhether you’re in the residential, commercial or building and construction sectors, contract administrators need specialised skills, such as a thorough knowledge of contractual obligations required of project contractors. Local experience is also very highly regarded, making it more difficult for overseas candidates with transferrable skills to break in to the market.

Candidates with more than 5 years’ experience as a contract administrator or with experience in the commercial sector are doubly hard to find. With a lack of candidates in this area, if you’re a quality contract administrator with local experience, you’re in an excellent position to win a great role this year.  

These are the hardest-to-fill roles in the property industry currently and we expect this trend to continue throughout the year. If you’re a job seeker with skills in any of these areas, you’ll be well placed in 2019 to find a fantastic job that suits you.