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Deadline Looms for Property Management Licences

Deadline Looms for Property Management Licences

With the September due date fast approaching for residential and commercial property managers to attain their property management registration in South Australia, many are rushing to finish their training in time. We’re receiving a range of requests from employers, with some asking that any property management candidates we put forward for roles have their full licence, whilst others are happy to see candidates that are unlicensed and working towards achieving their registration. There is no fixed trend currently, and it seems to vary from business to business. 

What EMPLOYERS can expect

The addition of property management registration in South Australia is ultimately a positive change for the property industry, however, in the short term it has caused a candidate shortage of property managers available in the employment market. 

The Cause

Many property managers whose property management training costs are being paid for by their employer are being asked to sign 12-month (stay put) agreements. This is to provide some security to employers, ensuring their newly registered property managers don’t resign shortly after gaining their licence and to stop those training dollars from being lost to other businesses. With the full cost of the property management training (if not applying for any Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)) being approximately $1500, this seems like a reasonable agreement to ask for.

Whilst this is causing some stagnation of property managers available in the employment market, there are still property managers available. The 12-month agreement is not a 100% assurance that employers will stay put, as property managers wishing to break their agreement and change jobs can simply reimburse their employer for training costs incurred, should they wish to leave.

What If Property Management Staff Haven’t Started Their Training Yet?

It’s not too late to make the deadline for those property managers that haven’t started their training or applied for RPL yet. Training in the full course of 9 subjects takes approximately 8 days full time, with some providers offering part-time and after-hours options to study. Once the training has been completed, students will then need to apply to CBS (Consumer and Business Services) to become registered. To ensure the application will be processed in time to meet the deadline, CBS has recommended that people apply for their registration no later than 30 August 2019.

From a recruitment perspective, those property management candidates that have their licence will have an advantage over candidates yet to finish their studies. Property managers who are job hunting this year can expect to be asked to provide proof of their property management licence, or if they are still studying, how many training modules have been completed. Employers are (of course) expecting assurance from any potential employees that their registration will be achieved by the due date.  

The feedback we have received from employers about property management registration is generally positive, with most saying it’s good for the industry in the long term, even though it’s causing some disruption and headaches in the short term.