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Why Temps Are Trending Right Now

Why Temps Are Trending Right Now

In the past few months, we have observed an increase in the percentage of temps hired compared with permanent placements in our recruitment mix. We’ve also noticed an increase in temp to perm opportunities available in a range of private sector areas. So why are temps proving to be hot property right now? We explore the reasons for the trend and explain how job seekers can take advantage.

Which sectors are hiring temps?  

  • State and Local Government
    Currently, we're busy recruiting temps into Government departments due to many projects that have been given government funding and are prioritized to go ahead. There has been an urgent need for experienced property administrators and project managers in key local and state government departments where there’s fully funded capital works projects working to tight timeframes.
  • Community Housing
    We continue to get a strong number of enquiries from the community housing sector looking for temps with property administration and tenancy management experience. Temps with their DCSI and police clearances ready to go are more likely to be placed in these roles than temps without these clearances.
  • Property and Real Estate
    Temp receptionists in all areas of property and real estate are also very popular at the moment. We receive several requests a week for last minute reception temps, usually for 2-3 days to cover sick leave or employees taking annual leave.  

Top Reasons Temps Are Trending

  • Speed
    Employers are waking up to the fact that hiring a temp is a much quicker way to fill a resources gap where there is an urgent need. It can take several weeks for many businesses to get through multiple interview rounds and hire a permanent employee, whereas a temp placement can be filled within days, sometimes hours. 

  • Testing the waters first
    Some businesses with an urgent need for skilled people that require longer term or permanent resources are using the ‘try before you buy’ approach, meaning they prefer to test someone in the role before committing to a longer term employment contract. This is a smart solution for businesses that can’t afford to have gaps in their work flow.   

  • Future trend?
    With the deadline for property managers to gain their property management registration approaching in late September, residential and commercial agencies may start to use temps with their property management registration to plug any gaps within their current team struggling to finish their registration on time. It will be interesting to see if this trend starts to occur at the end of the month.  

Job seekers can benefit enormously from temporary roles, especially those who are unemployed, in between jobs or just looking for a change. We are well connected to the top employers in the property industry and in some cases, certain businesses use us exclusively to hire temporary and permanent staff.

We recommend that job seekers who wish to work in community housing and certain government departments should obtain a police check and look into undertaking a DCSI clearance. There are several versions of this clearance and the most requested by our clients is a ‘Working with Children’ clearance. In many organisations you can’t begin any form of work without having this in place. For further advice on this you can contact Mary-Jane or Stephanie at our office.