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Small business = big career potential

Small business = big career potential

When it comes to taking that next step in your career, don’t discount small business for big career potential. Job hunters who are hungry for career growth and big salaries sometimes overlook small businesses due to some misconceptions about what they can offer. When it comes to choosing who to work for - bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

We spoke with David Hossen, Asset Manager for MRS Property who made the change from working in large commercial agencies to a boutique agency in 2012. David’s move was all about getting back to basics, a healthier work life balance and enjoying property management in its raw form.

‘Working for small business has opened my eyes to how flexible they can be. It’s a refreshing change. I have an intimate enough relationship with the business owners that if my child gets sick, they are flexible with me.

The beauty about working for a small business is they not only intimately know my personal situation; they are also abreast of my work situation. My colleagues and I are cross pollenated about each other’s work. When dramas occur in our team such as family emergencies, we are always able to cover each other.

In terms of property management, it is far less bureaucratic and involves less paperwork in a smaller agency. This equals more time to do my job’.

Jane Carey, Director at Edge Recruitment says, ‘Whilst it is important to be clear about the opportunities for progression within small businesses before accepting a role, many small businesses can offer opportunities that you won’t find in a big company’. 

Whilst working for a large company has its own set of pluses, here are some of the pros of working for small business that can sometimes get overlooked:

  • More of a chance to shine
    Your successes are more visible in a smaller company. If you snag a new client or come up with a great idea, it’s more likely to get noticed by senior management or the owners of the business.  You get to be a big fish in a small pond!
  • Flexibility
    As a recruiter, we speak with a lot of companies about salaries and work arrangements. In our experience small businesses tend to be a bit more open to flexible working arrangements such as time off in lieu, leave without pay and working from home.
  • Access to upper management
    Small business offers more access to upper management to pitch ideas, discuss concerns and initiate change. In a large organisation it can take longer for the cogs in the wheel to turn and for changes to filtrate through.
  • Role diversity
    Roles are often more diverse in smaller companies because there are less resources to spread the work around. This means more opportunity to try out a variety of responsibilities, which is especially useful for graduates working out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Closer relationships
    Working for a small business is a far more personal experience than working for a large one. There are more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from all levels of the business, not just your department and key members of staff.
  • Less hierarchy
    Decision making is usually quicker as there are less management channels to sift through.
  • Salary
    Whilst big businesses often have the muscle to offer top salaries, there are many small businesses out there that understand the need to offer competitive salaries in order to attract top talent.  

The benefits of working for small businesses are far greater than they are given credit for. They can fast track your career goals, offer great flexibility and provide more of a chance to shine. When considering your next career move, don’t overlook the perks and opportunities that small business offers.