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Stand out from the crowd: Top job hunting tips

Stand out from the crowd: Top job hunting tips

As a recruiter in the property industry, we see people from all walks of life at different stages in their career. What qualities do we revere most highly when screening candidates for our clients? You may be surprised by what is top of the list…and it’s not impeccable dress sense, years of experience or fancy resumes!

Here are our top suggestions:

  • Show stability
    As the saying goes - past behaviour predicts future performance. Having a stable work history shows that you are a secure choice, is an indicator of loyalty and it may be the reason you are chosen over another candidate with similar experience and skills.
  • Demonstrate your motivation to grow
    Exhibit drive and determination by showing your motivation to grow within an organisation. Impressive candidates show a history of moving upwards in a business instead of those that stay at the same level from job to job.  
  • Study
    People who invest in their education show a dedication to professional development and continued growth and improvement. They see attending seminars, reading books and online study as an investment in themselves. It shows us they have made a commitment and considerable effort to improve their skills and experience.
  • Be well organised
    Demonstrate that you have done your research, you know who the competitors are, you can get to appointments on time and that you know who you are meeting with. This reflects your professionalism and shows you are serious. In addition, a candidate who follows up and returns phone calls further imprints their good impression.
  • Pay attention to your references
    Many candidates don’t realise how important good references are to their application. An impressive candidate will make access to their referees easy by providing multiple points of contact and by calling their referees in advance. If we can’t conduct a thorough reference check for a candidate, we can’t recommend them to our clients.
  • Show enthusiasm
    Bring a positive attitude to your job application. People who display enthusiasm for what they do are happier in their jobs and contribute positively to their workplace environment. There is nothing less inspiring for a recruiter than speaking to an applicant who doesn’t seem to care less about the opportunity. 

Jane Carey, Director of Edge Recruitment says ‘Candidates that can demonstrate some or all of these competencies, matched with the right experience get snapped up very quickly by our clients.’

One last thing to remember: cultural fit is also a huge consideration for recruiters when recommending candidates for a role. Knowing that you will fit in with an organisation’s style of operation and get along with colleagues is vital to a recruiter when making a placement, especially for permanent and contract roles.