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Hire now to avoid the rush

Hire now to avoid the rush

Are you considering adding to your workforce in the next few months? Many employers wishing to add extra resources at this time of year wait until the New Year to do so. This is usually to avoid providing new hires with annual leave at early stages of their tenure, but also to ensure a smooth transition and provide continuity.

However, recruitment industry experts suggest that waiting until the New Year is not always the smartest approach to hiring. Employers are also cautioned against hiring now but waiting until the New Year to start their employees. It gives candidates too much time to reflect on their decision, review other options and possibly change their mind over the holiday break.

Here’s why employers should think twice before leaving recruitment until January:

  • Everyone else has the same idea
    The new year brings a flood of candidates into the market as it is the most popular time to make a change of job.  Whilst this means there are more candidates to choose from, it also means job seekers have a much greater choice of jobs and employers. Lock in experienced candidates now before the job market gets busy in the New Year.
  • It may cost you more
    Employers that hire in the New Year may need to be more competitive to attract top talent, as it’s more likely that high quality candidates will have competing offers to choose from. This may mean revisiting base salary packages or providing added incentives such as flexible work arrangements or more attractive allowances.
  • Serious end of year jobseekers
    The end of year holidays can sometimes be a distracting and demotivating influence on employees. You know that candidates who are actively job hunting at the end of the year are engaged, serious and motivated about their job search.
  • Make use of quiet time
    For businesses that are quiet during the holiday season, it can be an ideal time to acquaint new staff with the business, procedures and undertake any training required.  

Jane Carey, Director of Edge Recruitment says ‘if you compare it to the Real Estate Industry - it’s like waiting until spring to sell your property. Sure it’s great because more people are looking at that time, but there is also a flood of other houses on the market to compete with, which can make your proposition less likely to stand out.’ 

Hiring before the end of the year is a smart option for employers wishing to lock in experienced candidates that may not be available come January. Consider the benefits of making your move now to avoid missing out!