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Allan Romaniuk - Propell National Valuers

Allan Romaniuk - Propell National Valuers

The decision to trust someone else to assist me with my career path was not taken lightly. I had some doubt and apprehension as to the quality of service I'd receive, as I'd heard stories from friends about their dealings with other employment agencies, and the way candidates were treated.

Before I'd even committed to put my trust into the hands of Kelly and the team at Edge, they had demonstrated their professionalism and enthusiasm. They managed the process with the utmost confidentiality and integrity, there were never any doubts. They had also provided me with valuable advice gained from their many years in the business.

As a candidate being presented for an interview, I found myself more in control, more confident and better equipped to focus on getting the job, rather than getting the interview.

It comes down to trust. Employers put their trust in Edge to recommend and present the right people for their needs, and Edge ensure only the right candidates are presented.

Allan Romaniuk, Senior Valuer
Propell National Valuers