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Top Five Essentials I look for When Hiring

Top Five Essentials I look for When Hiring

Jobseekers often tell me they don’t know what recruiters and employers are looking for when hiring. As a recruiter, it’s my job to place candidates who match my client’s requirements, ensure they are a good cultural fit and are well positioned to excel once in the role. To do this successfully, I look for a number of essentials when assessing a candidate’s suitability, that go well beyond simply having done the job before.

Here’s are my top five essentials to look for in a candidate:

Adaptable to change
This is a timelessly important skill that is often not given the credit it deserves. Candidates that can demonstrate their ability to produce excellent work at a time of change are highly valuable and more attractive in the eyes of employers.   

Good stability
As the saying goes - past behaviour predicts future performance. Having a stable work history shows that you are a secure choice, is an indicator of loyalty and it may be the reason you are chosen over another candidate with similar experience and skills.

People who display enthusiasm for what they do are happier in their jobs and contribute positively to their workplace environment. Therefore, candidates that come to their job interviews equipped with enthusiasm and a positive attitude are more likely to win the job.   

A motivation to grow
Exhibit drive and determination by showing your motivation to grow within an organisation. Candidates that can show a history of moving upwards in a business are more impressive than those that stay at the same level from job to job.  

A great attitude
When it comes to choosing the best candidate, their attitude will outweigh their skills and experience for importance. A person’s attitude encompasses their personality, outlook on life, work ethic and how they respond to challenges. These are elements that can’t be taught on the job. You can fill in any gaps in skills and experience with training, but you can’t teach attitude.

Remember, candidates that possess a number of these attributes, in addition to the right skills and experience will be at the top of my list for any role. I hope this advice is helpful for any jobseekers looking for a new position in 2017.