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How to win your dream job in 2018

How to win your dream job in 2018

Did you know that over 50% of Australians are thinking about getting a new job at this time of year? If you’re looking for a new job in 2018, we're here to make the task a lot easier. Our consultants Mary-Jane, Kelly, Gary and Jane have deliberated and produced a top ten list of tips to improve your chances of winning that perfect job in 2018.

Our top ten:

  • Stop! 
    Before you start applying for jobs, visualise what kind of organisation you’d like to work for. Is it a corporate environment, or perhaps somewhere more relaxed; is it a small organisation or a big one?  
  • Prioritise job factors 
    Think about what factors are most important to you in a job and order them from most important to least important.  This will help you diagnose if a job offer is right for you. Factors could include; location, salary, flexibility, opportunities for training and professional development and nature of the role.  
  • Call us 
    Following up your job application with a phone call is great way to increase your chances of getting the job. It shows us that you are proactive, keen for the role, allows you to gain more information about the job and may help you stand out from other applicants who didn’t bother to call.   
  • Start with self assessment  
    Before applying for jobs, consider your strengths and weaknesses, thoroughly revise your work history, review your achievements and career goals and be prepared to answer questions about them.  
  • Update your voicemail 
    You may be surprised how many people forget to update their voice message when job hunting. If you have a funny, offensive or bla message on your phone, we recommend you refresh it with a more professional recording.  
  • Show Stability 
    Consider how important stability is to your ‘employability’. A candidate with a steady work history is a far safer bet for employers than a candidate with a sketchy work history.   
  • Consider and prep your referees 
    Choose referees that have supervised your work, not colleagues who have worked at the same level as you. It’s also important to call your referees in advance to let them know you’re job hunting. 
  • Dress smartly for interviews 
    If you are worried about being too dressed up for a job interview, don’t be! It is better to dress up, rather than dress down for interviews whether you are meeting your recruiter or a potential employer.  
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!  
    Prepare thoroughly for all job interviews. This includes researching any organisations who you have an interview with and knowing who you will be meeting.  
  • Consider temp work 
    Temping can be a great way to make new contacts and learn new skills while you are job hunting. It can also lead to a permanent placement, as almost 20% of our placements discovered in 2017.

Jane Carey, CEO at Edge Recruitment says, 'Candidates that put some thought into their job search efforts before contacting us always end up with a better outcome than those who don’t.' 

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