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How To Break Into Property Management 

How To Break Into Property Management 

With a background in hospitality and 3 young kids at home, Rachel Rogers took the brave step of following her dreams to a career in property management. How did she do it? We recently took time out to hear her inspiring story.    

How one jobseeker made a successful career change into property management 

Rachel completed the Property Management course at the Real Estate Training College and gained her license in 2018, while she was busy raising her three young children. Having tragically lost her husband to a rare cancer in 2016, Rachel focused on raising her young family until she was ready to start job hunting in early 2020. Having always shown a strong interest in the real estate industry, Rachel had already completed some property investment courses in 2017 and 2018.  

Rachel was ready to start job hunting in February 2020 but had to put that on hold for a few more months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She started putting resumes out mid-year, but every employer wanted a minimum of 2 years’ experience in property management, which she did not have. She applied for these roles anyway but had no success getting job interviews. 

She didn’t want to be out of work for too long, so she took a job in hospitality while she kept looking for a property management role. This only reaffirmed her determination to gain a role in property management. 

Then she was given some great advice by a friend of a friend who was a real estate principal. His advice was to target the larger companies, not smaller ones, and to get out there to make contacts in the real estate industry in person.  

Rachel then started reaching out to her own contacts, telling them what she was looking for and that’s when an opportunity arose. A real estate agency had advertised on a local school website that they were looking for a property management graduate and that experience was not essential. Overnight Rachel researched the company and the next morning visited the agency. She spoke to the agency principal and they were impressed and promptly booked her in for a job interview. She got the job and started in late August.  

What does your job entail and how is it going? 

The team at Raine and Horne and very supportive and I'm really enjoying my role. To start with I’ve been doing routine inspections, ingoing and outgoing inspections whilst I work towards being responsible for managing properties by myself. I have just been given two properties to manage, so it’s great to see some progression. I work with and support a highly experienced senior property manager who acts as a mentor and is there to answer any questions I have.  

Do you have any advice for other property management graduates on how to increase their chances of gaining employment in the industry? 

You've got to get out there in person. When I met the director of a real estate agency (who was a friend of a friend), his advice was to get out there in person and target the larger agencies to start with. If you’ve got a solid resume to back it up, you need to meet people in person to demonstrate that you are personable and professional. It can be a scary thing to do especially when you’ve been out of work for a while, but my advice is to follow your dreams, forget about the fear and go for it.  

I’d recommend starting your job search in your local suburbs first as you have local knowledge and the convenience of being close to home.   

Do you have any suggestions for the real estate industry about how we can improve job opportunities for property management graduates?  

It would have been great to undertake some work experience prior to attending job interviews, which I would have happily done at no cost.  

Why real estate? 

I've always been interested in real estate. I am one of those people who would love to spend a whole day going through display homes. I go to lots of open homes in my area and I'm always looking at real It’s a passion! 


Thank you to Rachel Rogers from Raine and Horne for sharing her inspiring career story. We hope this provides jobseekers with useful advice and motivation to follow their career dreams.