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Mobile trends in job search

Mobile trends in job search

Job seeker behaviour is evolving…fast!  The use of mobile devices has sky rocketed over the last 3 years and jobs seekers are using mobile devices to browse for and apply for jobs in growing numbers. 38% of all site visits are now from mobile devices.  There were 9.4 million visits to from mobile devices in January this year alone and this number is only going to increase. As Seek have an approximate 90% market share of job seeker time, this is a significant trend that employers should take note of.  

How does this affect you?

How many of you know if your site is optimised for mobile devices? If you can’t answer that question, you may have some work to do.

Whether you take care of your own recruitment or use a recruiter to attract top real estate talent, being aware of how candidates conduct their research about your company whilst job seeking is of vital importance. Did you know that many job seekers view your job ads on their mobile and then immediately check out your website on the same device? If your site is not optimised for mobile, then it’s going to be hard to read and will look out of date.

To ensure your website can be viewed easily on a mobile device, you need to at least have a mobile friendly website or a mobile version of your website e.g.

With so many job seekers now using this method to research your business, you cannot ignore the importance of a website that is optimised for mobile.

Mobile device habits

We know that job seekers now use a variety of devices to conduct their search, not just one. For example, many use their mobile to browse for jobs whilst commuting or on the go, then a desktop computer during the day, then they may switch to a tablet such as an iPad at night time.

We scan read on the web

Another important point to make about website and mobile users is that they scan read. This means, they don’t read every word, but will read headings and other highlighted items before committing to read more. Job seekers scan the previews of their job search results before making a decision to click to read more about an individual ad. That is why your ad previews are of vital importance to attract job applications and enquiries. Job ads must possess a eye-catching headline with the key benefits of the job highlighted below.

Edge Recruitment job ads

A lot of effort goes into creating a snappy and attractive ad for our clients. We know how to pull out the key features of each role to entice the user to read further and we undertake regular training to ensure we stay on top of changing trends in job search, including how our ads look on mobile devices.

The significance of mobile devices is only going to gain more momentum as we go for forward, and with alarming speed. So, how mobile ready is your business?