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What does confidentiality mean?

What does confidentiality mean?

In a small market like Adelaide, one of the most common sayings is "everyone knows everybody" and ‘it’s such a small world.” It is not uncommon for us to be working for an organisation where one or more employees have registered with us to find a new role.  It is also not uncommon for us to be dealing with a client to source staff, who themselves are looking for a change. We hold a great deal of sensitive information about individuals and organisations - it is a trusting and privileged position to be in. So how do we manage confidentiality? 

We have very clear guidelines around how we manage confidentiality. Bottomline - when a job seeker registers with us, we never ever disclose this fact to anyone. Even if we are asked outright, our standard response is "we have a policy of never disclosing who is registered with our company".

What are the top candidate confidentiality concerns?

  • What is my employer finds out I’m job hunting?
  • What if my colleagues find out I’m job hunting?
  • What if I run into someone I know at the recruitment agency or meeting place?
  • Will recruiters contact my referees without me knowing?

Our confidentiality guidelines

  1. We never share your resume with clients without your permission, each and every time you apply for a role.
  2. We never disclose that you are a registered candidate with us with any clients or third parties.
  3. When we have conversations in person or on the phone, we only disclose the details that you want us to share with clients and third parties.

Blanket and total confidentiality is the way we have managed this concern for candidates and clients for many years and it is a formula that works well. We also offer flexibility around meeting times and locations to avoid candidates running into colleagues and contacts. We are also very careful how we manage the reference checking process. 

It is carefully thought out and designed to give any person dealing with our company total confidence that we have their business interests at heart, whether they be a company or an individual.

If you are looking for a new role, you can be confident in tapping into our networks to get the best outcome in the most professional and confidential manner. If you have any questions around confidentiality, please call us and ask one of our friendly team.