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Executive – The Most Important Hire to Get Right

Executive – The Most Important Hire to Get Right

Posted by Jo Kiley

on 13/06/2018

There’s a lot at stake when organisations hire for senior and leadership positions. Whether recruiting a General Manager of Property Assets, CEO or Head of Department, our experience is that clients that take a thorough approach to recruitment and are crystal clear about the skills and attributes that are critical to the success of their new team member, will have the best hiring outcome.

Organisations that take a less than thorough approach to recruiting at this level, leave themselves open to poor hiring choices and a range of possible issues including; additional team members leaving the organisation, negative impacts on team culture, disruption to strategic outcomes, stagnation and potentially even impacting on profitability.

In 2018 we’ve seen increased interest from executives and senior level property talent looking for new opportunities in the Adelaide market.

View our video about recruiting executive property talent.

The most highly sought after executive candidates typically possess all of these skills and attributes:

  • Self-Awareness An awareness of their management style and proven skills in successfully leading and motivating teams.
  • Technical Knowledge Strong technical knowledge within their chosen field combined with the ability to operate strategically.
  • Strong Networks Well developed industry networks or (if new to a market), an understanding of how to build and develop networks and contacts.
  • Great Communication Skills The capability and versatility to communicate and deal with people at all levels both inside and outside of an organisation.
  • Resilience Capability to work through the range of challenges that senior roles often attract.
  • Innovation The ability to bring innovation and enable strategic change.

Recruiting the right person can be a game changer, transforming your business, injecting innovation and creating opportunities. For further information about recruiting in the executive space, contact Jane Carey, CEO at Edge Recruitment on 8232 2220 or visit our website.