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How to ‘Joosh Up’ Your Personal Brand

How to ‘Joosh Up’ Your Personal Brand

Posted by Jane Carey

on 26/07/2018

Branding is no longer the realm of organisations and companies – to anyone working in a professional capacity, individual branding is now key. Social media and the internet make an individual brand so much more accessible to anyone who cares to look. Therefore, understanding how to harness this brand will help give you an edge over your competition both when you are employed and in job hunting mode.

So what is a personal brand? Your personal brand is how you are perceived and remembered. Even if you have put no work into your personal brand, you have one – and in some cases it’s not always great. Many people have built their brand with little or no thought and done well. Others that I know have been strategic and purposeful and created a brand that makes them stand out and remembered.  

Some small practical examples of how people build a personal brand include:  

  • Wear a signature colour often – a great example is founder of Red Balloon, Naomi Simson who always wears red. Steve jobs is famous for wearing his black turtle necks.
  • Develop a personal style of clothing such as always highly corporate, or corporate with a contemporary flair, quirky cufflinks, stand out shoes or snazzy socks. Mikyla Gilbert from Newstyle Media does this well.  
  • Signing off emails and correspondence with a closing that is unique to you.

In an excellent podcast I listened to recently (the link is at the bottom of this article), brand expert Kristen Werner explains that building a strong personal brand is all about consistency and planning. A practical example is having the same high-quality photo as your profile picture across your social media accounts. The follow on from this is when people meet you in person, you are a reflection of the perception they already have.  

Personal branding is not about one particular thing, it is the sum total of who you are, how you act and are perceived. Although personal appearance is certainly a part of it, think beyond this to how you operate day-to-day and interact with others. 

Not all of us want to stand out, and your personal brand might be conservative and low key. As long as that approach is helping you achieve your goals – great! The bottom line however, is get known for consistently being something and you are more likely to be remembered. 

Have you ever thought about your personal brand and how it reflects on you? 

Find the Kristen Werner podcast here.