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The 3 Most Important Requirements for Every Role

The 3 Most Important Requirements for Every Role

Posted by Jane Carey

on 07/03/2019

Do your employees know the purpose of their roles? More importantly, do they know what the top three most important requirements of their role are? It is an interesting exercise to sit down and actually ask them this question. What you may get are varying answers including what takes up the most time, what other people in the organisation perceive of that employee, a sudden onset of vagueness or even worse, a look of terror emerging. 

Each and every member of your team should know EXACTLY what the top three priorities of their role are, without hesitation or confusion. 

As a CEO in the recruitment business, the top three of my role are: to manage and grow the business, lead our team and fill recruitment assignments. Easy!   

Here are the most important steps to ensure your team know the top 3 requirements of their role:  

  • Add it to every job description
    Every new member to your team should understand the three priorities up front and at their job interview. Include the three priorities as a pull out on the job description. This will help cement the importance of those duties and make a useful reference point.   
  • Revisit when staff are struggling to cope
    When someone is struggling under the strain of competing demands, get them to go back and re-visit the top three list and the priorities can become clearer. If performance becomes an issue, the top three are a great starting point for review discussions.   
  • Use as a team exercise
    A great learning exercise is to ask team members to identify the top three priorities of their colleagues – it is surprising how often team members aren't aware of what their colleagues actually do.

  • Use to identify success
    When an employee is smashing out their list of three, they are a great way to identify where they are succeeding and reward them for it. 

The top three priorities are as relevant to your most junior staff member as they are to the CEO. As roles change and develop, re-evaluate and set new priorities, making sure that the employee is on board with them. 

In summary, are you confident each of your team's lists of top three would match the expectations of the organisation? I encourage you to find out! 

For a confidential discussion about hiring top talent or employment opportunities in the property industry, contact Kelly Armstrong or Jane Carey at Edge Recruitment on 08 8232 2220. To view all current jobs, visit our website. 


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