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Spicing Up Job Titles – Yay or Nay?

Spicing Up Job Titles – Yay or Nay?

Posted by Jane Carey

on 01/04/2019

A quirky or unique job title can be a reflection of branding and culture of a company.  However, before you begin a whiteboard exercise to release your inner creative on job titles in your company, consider your intended audience. 

Finding high quality employees who are a great cultural fit for an organisation is a challenge. Having as wide as possible group of people to choose from is important – so consider carefully . 

My experience, backed up by research from online advertising giant, is that job seekers look for jobs based on familiarity.  The window of time to catch a job seekers attention is literally seconds.  Confuse people with ambiguous job titles and risk  them skipping over your role altogether.  I get the alternate argument – make your role stand out and it will make people take notice, but in reality I am not sure that it is worth the risk. 

One example that springs to mind where a company was able to pull this off was a local building company.  Badge Construction advertised for "A New Head Badger". The print advert was tailored to the theme and the wording was on point.  The headline also gave jobseekers a hint to the seniority of the role. But let's face it, not all organisations have such a great name to work with....!  

If you are a tech start up targeting millennials, then by all means advertise for a Chief Data Wrangler or an Events Ninja.  But if you are scouring the general population, my advice is tell it like it is! Don't assume a receptionist will know what a 'Director of First Impressions' is, even if it is common vernacular within your organisation. 

Think more broadly as well. Will you have to explain to your clients and suppliers what your job entails because it is not easily decipherable from your e-signature or business card?  

My best advice – use a straight forward title with a bit of create flair around the short description in an advert and increase your pool of potential applicants. 

What are some of the quirkier titles you have come across?