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APay - Recruit Now. Pay Later

APay - Recruit Now. Pay Later

To provide more flexibility to our clients, we are pleased to introduce APay, a service that enables businesses to 'Recruit Now. Pay Later'. Clients who opt to use this service pay 4 equal installments over 3 months.  

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Who is APay for?

Employers who would prefer to spread their recruitment fee over a monthly installment plan instead of upfront.  

Watch the video (45 seconds) 

Benefits for Employers 

  • Improve your cash flow by paying recruitment fees over installments
  • Sign-up only takes a few minutes and no financial data is required
  • No sign-up or ongoing admin fees
  • Payment will be automatically debited each month from your nominated account 

How does it work?

  • You pay 4 equal installments over 3 months
  • Once you receive an invoice from Edge Recruitment, you login into APay and pay your first installment
  • You will receive a reminder each month that the money is due and it will be automatically debited 

Recruitment Fee Cycle With APay:

Choose a candidate

How to Sign Up 

Watch the video (2 minutes) 


To find out more about using APay at Edge Recruitment, contact Jane Carey on 0417 817 781. 

Visit the APay website