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Importance of your application email

Importance of your application email

Often the introductory email is your very first point of contact with a recruiter, so what you choose to put in it will greatly influence their first impression of you. It might be a small part in the process of a job application, but it should be approached with care and consideration.

We receive many applications directly through job sites such as, which automates the job application process and largely eliminates any element of human error. However, many of our applications are received directly by email and it’s the importance of this step that applicants sometimes misjudge.

We received an application the other day that had absolutely nothing in the email, just a CV attachment. The applicant didn’t think it was important to introduce themselves. It caused a bit of discussion amongst the recruitment consultants in the office as an example of how not to apply for a job.

Here are our recommendations for getting this important first step in the application process right:

Quick Tips:

  • Make a personal connection
    The days of dropping your printed resume off in person are gone, however it’s easy to forget that making a personal connection with your recruiter or potential employer is important. The chance of your application standing out amongst other candidates is greatly increased if you take the time to make a quick introductory phone call first.
  • Use a relevant subject line
    Relevance is the most important thing to remember when creating your subject heading. Using succinct subject lines such as: ‘Application for job title’ is recommended. This way the recruiter immediately knows that your email is a job application and also which job you are applying for.
  • Ensure the recipients email address is correct
    After taking the time to carefully compose your email, it’s a shame to overlook the important step of getting the recipients email address correct. You can’t progress any further in the recruitment process until this has been executed correctly.  Applying directly through job sites such as automates this process for you and eliminates the element of human error made here.
  • Who to address it to?
    If the job ad says Kelly Armstrong, then address your application to Ms Armstrong. If the ad does not specify who to address it to, then put in a call to find out. Don’t assume anything and always use the recipient’s correct name.  
  • Body: keep it short and to the point
    You don’t need to write a long, wordy introductory email. It should serve to introduce you and your reasons for applying for the role and highlight any attachments such as your CV and cover letter. It should be short and to the point. If you have chosen to make your cover email serve as your cover letter, then it will need to be more substantial of course. View this article for sound advice on how to write a cover letter.

If you are serious about your job search, get proactive about making personal connections with people. Adopt this attitude and your professionalism, attention to detail and determination will come through in your application.